Find Out What Makes a Garden Beautiful

Paula Santos
3 min readAug 1, 2018


With new and entertaining technology to keep young ones and even adults indoors, you might think that there is nothing you can do to encourage them to go outside. A beautiful and conducive nature reserve right in your backyard just might do the trick. Check out these things that make a garden beautiful:

Proper Cultivation of Foliage

The first things that pop into your mind when you think about gardens are plants and trees. Because of this, you want to make sure that the flora in your yard is well-cultivated. However, you do not have to be pressured into planting all kinds of plants in your yard. Instead, you only need to make sure that they are given the care they need. A beautiful garden will have a manicured lawn, whilst maintaining organised rows of shrubs, bushes and potted plants.

Superb Landscaping

Whilst having a flat garden can be good for some, others might prefer a layered look. Building retaining walls can help you create elevated surfaces for your yard. With these structures, you can create a better organisation of your plants. You can even separate ornamental ones from your vegetable patch. These walls can also serve as irrigation for efficient watering of your plants.

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Refreshing Take on Outdoor Areas

Gardens are best for a relaxing time alone or with family and friends. However, gone are the days when merely placing chairs and tables on your lawn counts as a good outdoor spot. Instead, people now have a great appreciation for areas that have aesthetic appeals. You want your garden to appear homey, so you can feel comfortable even whilst outdoors.

Not sure how to encourage your loved ones to lounge in the great outdoors? Here are some tricks you might want to try:

  • Create a shaded area

One reason people dislike going outside is that of the extreme weather conditions brought by climate change. It’s true. It can be too hot, too windy and too rainy to lounge around outside. To counter this, why not install awnings or shade sails over your chosen spot? These have high aesthetic value, whilst making the space functional.

Outdoor blinds can also create a shaded outdoor space, which you can convert to a more private one just by drawing them. This is a good way to protect not only your and your loved ones from the sun but also your furniture.

  • Build a pool

What better way to cool down than to swim in the cool waters of your own swimming pool? If your children love splashing around, installing a pool can be the best way to encourage them to hang out outdoors. Remember, swimming is a fun and healthy activity for people of all ages.

The Bottom Line

Nothing is stopping you from achieving a new and improved garden. You can even make bonding with your family a more fun and engaging experience, creating stronger relationships not only with your loved ones but with your own piece of nature right in your backyard.