WowGo AT 2 (Sample Product Description)

  • Monster Motors
    This e-skateboard is built to power through rough terrains, so it comes as no surprise that it uses two 6368 motors, which are rated 1500 watts each. The powerful belt-driven motors help create a precise and stable riding experience, without compromising speed and torque. Plus, these motors emit less noise while running, making it a sleek and discreet ride. The WowGo AT 2 also uses two 5M belts, so you can expect a higher torque as it allows more torque multiplication.
  • Customizable Wheels
    To navigate all kinds of terrains, this skateboard can come with two kinds of wheels namely the 175mm Pneumatic All-Terrain wheels and the 120mm Street Cloudwheels. The pneumatic AT wheels offer better shock absorption, so they withstand various road conditions. It can run smoothly on rough surfaces such as gravel, dirt, and grass. Meanwhile, the Cloudwheels are made of non-slip materials to offer better traction on smoother surfaces. You can choose to get both sets of wheels through the 2-in-1 combination, so you can easily switch when needed.
  • Water-Resistant Body
    Running on all kinds of road conditions means facing different types of environmental conditions. The WowGo AT 2 is designed to withstand wet environments. It is rated IP55 water-resistant, so you do not have to worry about riding on wet surfaces. Keep in mind that riding in the rain is not ideal.
  • Premium and Ergonomic Build
    Because it is designed to withstand rough surfaces, this skateboard is built with durability in mind. It is made of different layers of boards for a worry-free experience. It uses fibreglass reinforced with wood materials, particularly bamboo and Canadian maple to provide hardiness without compromising flexibility. The deck is made to be sufficiently bendable to accommodate the battery pack placed on its underside.
  • Efficient Use of Energy
    Speaking of the battery pack, this electronic skateboard uses space effectively as it is placed under the deck. To go with the flexibility of the board, the battery is enclosed in a flexible case that bends as the deck bends, so you do not have to worry about the safety of your battery pack. The proprietary enclosure is made of heat-dissipating materials to minimize overheating.
    It uses Japan-made Sanyo battery cells, making the pack high-quality, capable, and durable. With 14AH battery capacity, the skateboard can run up to 35 kilometres or 22 miles without running out of juice.
  • Upgraded Hobbywing ESC
    This electronic skateboard gives you full control with the help of the Hobbywing electronic speed controller. It uses a new program and components to offer easy switching between four speed levels. You can switch from various modes such as Slow (0 to 12m/h or 0 to 20km/h), Normal (0 to 18m/h or 0 to 30km/h), Fast (0 to 22m/h or 0 to 35km/h) and Turbo (0 to 25 m/h to 0 to 40km/h). The upgraded ESC also provides more torque, which increases up to 30% when climbing uphill.
  • Smooth Riding Experience
    Using double kingpin trucks, this e-skateboard provides a super fluid response when turning. It is flexible and tough, perfect for carving and heavy use. Its ergonomically designed body offers even and comfortable gliding. With the double kingpins and form factor combined with the upgraded ESC, you can expect flawless transitions between speed levels, as well as accelerating and braking, making the ride smooth and stable overall.

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